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Summer Fun!

Summer has been super busy so far! And starting tomorrow, I’m off to boat the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon for the next 3 weeks.

Summer is wedding season so I’ve spent almost every weekend in June attending a wedding or bachelorette parties. Luckily, my friends got married in beautiful Todos Santos, Mexico and so PK and I, having never been to Mexico, made a little vacation out of it.

The perfect and beautiful couple in an equally stunning location

Rooftop cocktails at the Villa Santa Cruz

The next weekend was dueling bachelorette parties in Sonoma and both were a lot of fun.

Bachelorette Party 1

Bachelorette Party 2

This past weekend was a hike up into Desolation Wilderness – it was great to spend a weekend at home.

bach 3

Bachelorette Party 3 – hiking in beautiful Lake Tahoe

Oh yeah, and we went to prom, my friend’s brilliantly orchestrated birthday party with at least 200 of Tahoe’s best, wearing their interpretation of prom outfits (or what they could find at a thrift store).

Prom! Hadn’t done that for a while!

And with that, I’m off-line for three weeks!

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History of Fake Sponsorships – An Interview

It’s been a running joke of mine to say I’m sponsored by fruity alcoholic drink companies since 2008 – I took a little time to explain it in this interview – which I really had no idea was being filmed.

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Multi-sport Memorial Day Weekend – A Family Affair

It snowed a bit on Saturday, the first day of the 3 day Memorial Day weekend, so we took advantage of the rare “down day” in Tahoe to catch up on work and errands. The next day, however, it was game on!

Task 1: skin up Kirkwood and look for my lost GoPro.

More snow at Kirkwood than we expected! Glad we brought the skis!

Task 2: Too much snow, so nothing to do but ski it!

Perfect ski run on May 27th!

Task 3: Catch some trout.

Beautiful setting to fish on Caples Creek

Task 4: Take our dog to the beach.

Too cold for humans but perfect for dogs!

Task 5: Shuttle ourselves for a quick sunset bike ride on the new Van Sickle trail.

The trails were perfect and smooth after the snow!

Pretty awesome time of year in Tahoe when you can ski, fish, bike and hit the beach in the same day!

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Dealing with the Dry Days

The precipitation in the first half of December has been disappointing to say the least. This time last year, I think I already had 10 powder days. At this point, I have 14 groomer days and 3 thin backcountry days. People are going a little stir crazy. It’s not uncommon to see posts on Facebook inquiring where the snow is and proclaiming “seriously, I’ll get in a car right now, where is the snow?!?” I’ve felt the same way and actually planned a trip to Baker last weekend… then it stopped snowing there. I was talking to a girl about the 10 day forecast last week and she started crying out of shear frustration. Some long time locals like to say things like “this is normal.” Weather variation is normal, but I think the reason it has been so hard to accept this year is because of all the early storms that hit the Sierras – we literally felt like we were going to have the same exact start to winter as last year. The guy over at Tahoe Weather Discussion even pointed this out. I think he’s going a little crazy too. And who wouldn’t when the models show this:

nothing to do but laugh

A giant snowless hole over Tahoe.

The lack of snow is a “First World” skier problem and I often have to remind myself how great I have it – I live in a beautiful place, I have a job, no one shot me in the head during a meeting with my constituents (did anyone hear Mark Kelly on NPR today? It was amazing), but this blog is about skiing, so I thought I’d fill you in on what I’m doing to pass the time during this drought.

A few weekends ago, I headed down to Sly Park to ride my mountain bike. The trails are packed, well-labeled, and fun and there are a good number of options. The 17 mile ride I did took me around Jenkinson Lake and through Fleming Meadows via trail 8. It’s definitely worth the 45 min drive from Tahoe.

packed singletrack in fleming meadows

We cut down a Christmas Tree in our neighborhood and put up some lights on the new house.

um, kind of super easy to cut down a tree this year with no snow

I helped start up an adult gymnastics program at Tahoe Gymnastics. Darryl Fergus, a former acrobat and one of the original ski hot-doggers has been coaching me for the past year. With his coaching I went from someone with a suspect cartwheel to an athlete with solid front and backflips, round offs, cartwheels (I now know the difference), and some less than solid off-axis tricks. He is a phenomenal person and coach with an infectious love for gymnastics, really all sports, and I knew so many people could benefit from working with him. So, we started up this program

The free day was incredibly well attended and my friend Lauren, fresh off a marathon, took some great photos.

Darryl working with students

some mini-tramp flipping action

some big tramp flipping action

Speaking of which, we also traveled down to Sacramento to cheer on Lauren to a successful first marathon completion. She definitely beat Oprah, even though she was under-trained and Oprah was in her heyday and had trainers and nutritionists, I’m sure. On the way back to Tahoe, we took advantage of the valley warmth and rode the Salmon Falls mountain bike trail along Folsom Lake. I had heard about this trail and it lived up to its reputation – rolling, packed, fun singletrack, and a scenic course along Folsom Lake.

Pat biking among the oak and grass

sunset over the american river

As part of SheJumps I also put on an incredibly successful all women’s ski tuning clinic and wine night, but that deserves a post of its own.

Finally, last weekend, PK and I traveled to the Bay Area for our dear friends’ baby shower and wound up going on an epic full moon hike, eating delicious food, riding road bikes on car-less hilly roads with stunning natural and city viewscapes, and helping our friend Jake edit this inspiring video.

There is always something to do in Tahoe and truthfully, we are all probably a lot more productive without skiing our brains out in never ending powder. A powder day is true escapism and maybe these dry days are time for us to connect to the rest of the world, or maybe they just remind us that we should cherish those deep snow days.

Still, one of the best things about Tahoe is its California location, close to so many different climate zones and a world class city like San Francisco. And even though the 10 day continues to look dry, I’m looking forward to new adventures this weekend, we’ll just have to be a little more creative.

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I’ve been doing the moonwalk since I was 4 years old, so apparently I was pretty much destined to be a telemark skier.

MJ Cares

Sick backwards tele turns!

Seriously, these are all shirts I owned (still own) and wore when I was 5.  True story, the shirt on the bottom left actually saw Michael himself perform on the Thriller/Victory Tour.  According to my mom, I wore that shirt, pegged jeans, white socks, and one glove to see MJ and the Jackson 5 at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1984.  Now you know how old I am!

King of Pop Shirt Collection

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Winds of Change

It was super windy Friday:

Meanwhile kids were getting pepper sprayed at UC Davis. 18 year old kids. Come on now!

Heavenly opened some groomers this weekend and it was great to reconnect with friends I only seem to see regularly in the winter. And try to ski my legs into telemark shape.

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My lip is healed… well, almost. At least it is at the point where no one says, “what happened to you?” or more realistically, “what did you do this time Meghan?”

Now that I’m looking good, it’s time to start a revolution! “Tax the rich, end the wars and restore honest and effective government for all!”

Oh yeah, and time to buy a new GoPro, since I never recovered mine from the McCloud River. Because even though I want to end corporate personhood, people should still be able to make and watch rad movies!

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We bought a house!

We finally bought our very own house.  We are pretty pumped!  But we are super busy moving and so I haven’t been posting.  Here are some photos.

In other news, it is fall in Tahoe and it is awesome!  Why, because there is way less people around, although the construction is not making driving any easier.  Yesterday my work obligations ended a bit early, I went for a nice long paddleboard on the calmest water and then did a few backflips off the dock.  It is nice to get a few more swims in before the snow flies.

Otherwise this fall, I’ve been kayaking on the South Fork of the American:

Mountain biking, attending trail work days, and drinking beer in my bike helmet.

And working on my backflips on the trampoline and into the water in preparation for ski season.

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Did not win

Well, I was 99% sure I was going to win the Mike’s Hard Sports Contest, but I didn’t.  I think I win some sort of prize because I made it to the finals.  I had fun making the video and I hope you had fun watching it.  I hope to continute to make more videos, but I think I’ll change my beverage of choice to either Bud Light Lime or La Croix sparkling water.

Already getting started!

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Alright everyone, this is the moment many of us have been waiting for – I have finally compiled some footage and submitted a video to Mike’s Hard Lemonade for a contest on Facebook called Mike’s Hard Sports.  Some of you may know about my impromptu Mike’s Hard commercials out on the mountain or the river and how I claim to be “sponsored” by Mike’s.  I believe this started back in 2008 during a summer ski trip to Sonora Pass.  Though I cannot locate photos from that trip, here are some dating back to 2009 of different Mike’s sponsorship exploits:



A few weeks ago, my friend Britta told me about this contest and it was go time… I mean if I didn’t enter, I literally could never joke about being sponsored by Mike’s again.  I mean, would anything I said hold meaning? So… here is my submission.

THE IMPORTANT STUFF: Go here to vote for me daily on Facebook.

You might need to sign up and “like” Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Man up.  If people make fun of you, make fun of them or make more fun of yourself… that is what I always do.  Tell all your friends.  You won’t regret it!  THANKS EVERYONE!

VOTE DAILY FROM AUGUST 17-30.  If this wasn’t so important, there would be way less capital letters.

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