About Meghan

Meghan Kelly has played sports with unbridled passion her entire life. In her youth, she excelled in team sports before falling completely in love with skiing powder in the Western US. Since 2006, she’s been pushing to progress women’s and telemark skiing by chasing freeskiers on alpine gear around her home resort of Kirkwood, California. She also has ventured extensively into the Sierra Nevada backcountry, skiing many of the peaks greater than 4,000 meters in the range. She began competing in big mountain competitions in 2011 and threw her first backcountry backflip that year. She’s been building on this success adding new tricks to her repertoire, checking off bigger and new descents, and traveling the world in search of steep runs in beautiful places with great people. She resides in Lake Tahoe and when she is not skiing, she works as an engineer and scientist to help protect the lake. In March 2015, she became the lucky mom of triplet boys!

photo by Lauren Lindley

photo by Lauren Lindley

Mt. Shasta, CA, Photo by Nicole Mahobian

Mt. Shasta, CA, Photo by Nicole Mahobian

Photo by Court Brock

Photo by Lynsey Dyer, Selkirks, BC

5 responses to “About Meghan

  1. Scott Valentine

    Wow! Between skiing the pow and planning your next rafting trip do you ever work? I think you should go down to 25 hours a week so you can start Blogging more. 🙂

  2. Kirsty

    You’re cute!

  3. Scott Valentine

    Nice sunglass duct tape job!

  4. Sandra

    Hey Meghan…was browsing blogs and ran into your amazing adventures. Love your girls trip photos and your ability to enjoy the beauties of life. You seem to be an expert of the slopes and area of S. Tahoe. I’m looking to create my own adventure, was hoping we can chat. Let me know. THANKS! sandra.duque@gmail.com

  5. Tim

    Can you email me your sierra high route ski gps track?

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