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The last 3 days were so awesome, I don’t even know where to begin. Once I sort through images, video, feelings, I’ll recap here. I guess I’ll just say thank you universe for now!

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They say “do one thing every day that scares you.” Actually Eleanor Roosevelt said that. Jumping into Corner Pocket on Sunday scared me, but I did it any way and executed it perfectly. In powder, it would not have been an issue, but this was onto hard pack. The fear was good because it made me plan ahead.

Sending corner pocket to hard pack at Kirkwood, CA (Photo by Lauren Lindley)

Sports seem so straight forward – especially individual sports – train hard, get better. A real career is a lot less cut and dry. I’m 33 and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. It can be incredibly frustrating. I’m going to try to heed the advice in this article. But wouldn’t it be nice if I could just train and get results? I think that’s why I used to like math, but I never liked math as much as sports.


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The Shift

2012 has just felt different for me – like I’m suddenly starting to understand at least myself better. Friends and I have been discussing this shift in consciousness and it definitely brings me hope – for both humanity and the earth.

2012 seemed to drastically change the lives of so many people – many, unfortunately, for the worse. As humans though, we can cling to hope, faith, heroic acts, or lessons in the wake of tragedies. I appreciate how all of the skiers involved in the fatal avalanche at Stevens Pass last year have been so forthcoming with their story. Here is an incredibly comprehensive version from the New York Times. No judging, just teaching. I know we’re all better off because they’ve shared this.

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Pray for Yzie

I recently found out that Yzie, my 3 legged wonder dog and best friend, has cancer. I am dealing with a suite of emotions – anger, sadness, anxiety, conflict. I’m mostly sad that he might be in pain and not know why.

My best friend Yzie lounging at the beach last weekend (Photo by Lauren Lindley)

My best friend Yzie lounging at the beach last weekend (Photo by Lauren Lindley)

The options for treatment do not seem good. Please pray for him.

Hoping these prayer flags work.

Hoping these prayer flags work.

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Get Avy Savvy! Upcoming Avalanche Education Opportunities!

There are a number of really cool and affordable or free avalanche awareness clinics coming up in Lake Tahoe that I’m looking forward to attending. Some of these are women’s only, but others are open to everyone and the price is right – FREE!

Friday, December 7th: Free Community Avalanche Seminar at Alpenglow Sports, 6:30 pm

Saturday, December 8th, 7am – 5pm: S.A.F.E. A.S. Women’s Only Clinic / Squaw Valley
Women’s Intro to Avalanche Safety and FUNdraiser Day, to benefit the High Fives Foundation. Locals Elyse Saugstad, Michelle Parker, Lel Tone, Sherry McConkey, Ingrid Backstrom, and Jackie Paaso are proud to present this one-day event at Squaw Valley that will raise snow safety and avalanche awareness in a comfortable, fun, and welcoming environment. All levels welcome. The price is $80 -includes lift ticket, lunch, and yoga (all money goes to charity). AMAZING DEAL! Limited to 30 so sign up now! For more information and to register go to:

Also, if you’re not a female and still want to get involved with High Fives and become more educated on backcountry travel, check out their B.A.S.I.C.S. program launching this year.

Thursday, December 13th: Greg Hill Slideshow, 7pm, Squaw’s Olympic Village Lodge
FREE and raffle ticket sales benefit the Sierra Avalanche Center! Come hear the man who skied two million feet speak about his journey and the deadly slide on Manaslu this past fall.

Wednesday, January 9th: Avalanche Safety-The Human Factors
Alpenglow Sports, Tahoe City / 6:30-8:30pm
Megan Michelson will share her first hand experiences from last year’s Steven’s Pass avalanche where three people were killed. Megan wrote about this tragedy in this fall’s Outside Magazine. Read the article, Tunnel Vision on her website. Megan will lead a discussion about the human factors of avalanche safety, an ever-growing field of study. What is human nature when traveling in groups? How does group mentality contribute to or hinder safety? We’ll discuss some rules of thumb to follow. Enjoy wine, snacks, and door prizes as well as 20% off everything at Alpenglow Sports (excluding skis, boots, bindings, beacons, skins and poles).

Get educated and have fun all season long! Hope to see everyone there!

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Dreaming of Winter…

Photo by Lynsey Dyer, Selkirks, BC

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Fall Showed up this Past Weekend in Tahoe…

I rode my awesome new commuter build around Tahoe putting up flyers for this event!

New take on an old classic – Alaska bike becomes flyering machine!

The fall temperatures were perfect so I headed to Octoberfest at Camp Richardson to meet some friends and then check out the spawning Kokanee Salmon.

Non-native, but awesome, Salmon spawn up Taylor Creek from Lake Tahoe.

Then next day we got a round of golf in at Edgewood. The course was in amazing shape, and the views were spectacular per usual.

The author teeing off on scenic hole 17.

PK with a great shot out of the sand on 17.

I’ll take a few more enjoyable fall weekends and some time to prepare physically for ski season, but Mammoth opens in less than one month! So when October turns to November, let’s hope the snow start flying!


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Working for the Weekend…

Labor day weekend that is. I’m alive, but haven’t had much time to post since I’ve been working too many hours per week on a stream restoration project in Incline Village, NV. This 3 year restoration effort will help keep 10,000 Cubic Yards of sediment out of Lake Tahoe every year!

Building a new channel for Rosewood Creek

Well worth my time! Plus, the commute along the east shore allows for after work swims on the way home!

Nice way to end an long, dusty day and definitely worth keeping blue!

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FOUND (1 of) MY GOPRO(s)!

I have a penchant for losing things. Just this past weekend I lost my wallet by leaving it in a cab in Chicago. I even had to fly back to Tahoe without an ID. Monday morning I went to work and sure enough received a call that my wallet had been found and is currently on its way back.

Last summer I lost my 1st GoPro kayaking the McCloud River and decided that I deserved another one. So GoPro #2 was ready for winter, but winter took its sweet time getting here. Fast forward to mid-February – conditions were rocky, yet amazing at Kirkwood. It was mid-week, empty, and I was skiing with one of my favorite ski buddies, Stu. We were having a great time, high speed powder turns, cliff drops, near misses with rocks – I was pretty happy to be both living and recording it. We hit a line in Eagle Bowl and the middle drop had a flat landing that usually fills in better with more snow. We both somersaulted out of it and my Go Pro broke right off my helmet and into the snow. We hastily looked for 5 minutes, but there was powder to be skied, so we agreed to come back at the end of the day with avalanche shovels and dig for it. After 30 minutes and no sign of it, we resigned to come back when the snow melted.

I was busy this summer, so I finally made the trek out to Kirkwood yesterday. I hiked the 45 minutes up to where I thought I had lost it and it was sitting right there, amongst the lupine! After downloading the footage, it turns out the day was as great as I remembered it!

Beautiful morning out at Kirkwood, made even better by the recovery of my GoPro!

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Interview on

Check out the interview I did recently with my friend Sandra Lahnsteiner for Enjoying summer, but looking forward to next ski season!

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