Multi-sport Memorial Day Weekend – A Family Affair

It snowed a bit on Saturday, the first day of the 3 day Memorial Day weekend, so we took advantage of the rare “down day” in Tahoe to catch up on work and errands. The next day, however, it was game on!

Task 1: skin up Kirkwood and look for my lost GoPro.

More snow at Kirkwood than we expected! Glad we brought the skis!

Task 2: Too much snow, so nothing to do but ski it!

Perfect ski run on May 27th!

Task 3: Catch some trout.

Beautiful setting to fish on Caples Creek

Task 4: Take our dog to the beach.

Too cold for humans but perfect for dogs!

Task 5: Shuttle ourselves for a quick sunset bike ride on the new Van Sickle trail.

The trails were perfect and smooth after the snow!

Pretty awesome time of year in Tahoe when you can ski, fish, bike and hit the beach in the same day!

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One response to “Multi-sport Memorial Day Weekend – A Family Affair

  1. Jenn

    How do you top a penta-tecta day? Should we be looking for your hecta-fecta day around summer solstice? Fun ride today, even if it was just a unifecta type of activity. 🙂

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