Summer Fun!

Summer has been super busy so far! And starting tomorrow, I’m off to boat the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon for the next 3 weeks.

Summer is wedding season so I’ve spent almost every weekend in June attending a wedding or bachelorette parties. Luckily, my friends got married in beautiful Todos Santos, Mexico and so PK and I, having never been to Mexico, made a little vacation out of it.

The perfect and beautiful couple in an equally stunning location

Rooftop cocktails at the Villa Santa Cruz

The next weekend was dueling bachelorette parties in Sonoma and both were a lot of fun.

Bachelorette Party 1

Bachelorette Party 2

This past weekend was a hike up into Desolation Wilderness – it was great to spend a weekend at home.

bach 3

Bachelorette Party 3 – hiking in beautiful Lake Tahoe

Oh yeah, and we went to prom, my friend’s brilliantly orchestrated birthday party with at least 200 of Tahoe’s best, wearing their interpretation of prom outfits (or what they could find at a thrift store).

Prom! Hadn’t done that for a while!

And with that, I’m off-line for three weeks!

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