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4th Annual Angora Lakes Triathlon

Back by popular demand of course, this is tomorrow! Saturday, August 2… meeting at Kiva Beach at 9:30 AM. The race starts at 10 AM sharp! More info at my facebook event or below!

The 4th Annual Angora Lakes Triathlon is Saturday, August 2nd. The course is set and the map is on this page – 12 mile bike ride (road bikes recommended, all paved), 2 mile trail run, and 0.4 mile swim with a bonus cliff jump (not required)! Be at Kiva Beach by 9:30 AM to race! The race starts at 10:00 AM sharp! Road bikes recommended.

Course Map

Course Map

See a recap from last years event here!

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Committing to New Goals in WRITING!

I spent the last year and a half planning and preparing for the Shifting Ice and Changing Tides expedition. Although the expedition itself is over, we have a lot of follow up work to complete still. Still, just 3 days into my “normal” life, I’m finding myself looking for new goals. I’ve come up with quite a few and wanted to share them to keep myself accountable! I also find that writing things down starts the process of fruition.

Here are a few of my goals for the spring, summer, and fall in no particular order:

Race in an Enduro Mountain Bike Race (I signed up for the Battle Born Enduro on June 7). I’m kind of scared, but with my Santa Cruz Bronson, I should be fine!

This bike makes me a super hero… sometimes!

Ski a new volcano in the Cascades (I’ve skied Shasta from the summit and that’s it, so the opportunities are vast!)

Chilling on the summit of Mt. Shasta with views of some other Cascades! I need to head north!

Train for and race in the Teton Picnic with my Shifting Ice teammate Pip. This involves biking to Jenny Lake in Teton National Park from Jackson, WY (21 miles each way), swimming across Jenny lake (1.3 miles each way) and climbing the Grand Teton (10 miles). It’s a way more hard core version of my triathlon.

Play music more – I have a new ukulele that I’ve only dabbled with.

Compost all my organic waste by building my own secure compost box out of pallets I’ve collected.

Eat more locally (join a CSA for vegetables, fruit, and eggs if possible)

Grow more food! Inspired by Iceland, we’re going to try to construct some sort of hothouse or greenhouse off one of our decks. We have a design in mind.

Train my puppy Scout to be a great frisbee dog.

She averages less than 50 percent right now… We need to up those stats!

Be a better friend and family member. This should be a constant goal.

Redo my avalanche, swiftwater rescue, and wilderness 1st aid certifications.

Become an efficient enough sailor to sail on Lake Tahoe by myself in any condition!

One of the few times they let me drive the boat. I have no idea what I’m doing in this photo… I already know more and hope to increase that knowledge!

Visit Nat Segal in New Zealand.

What should I add to this list?


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3rd Annual Angora Lakes Triathlon RESULTS!

I’ve finally gotten around to compiling the results. I’m not sure they are perfect but everyone who participates knows that this event is about (1) having fun (2) pushing yourself and (3) bragging rights among friends. I think the most fun thing is the slight competitive spirit everyone has when there are no prizes and not much training. At the finish line I heard friends ribbing each other – “you were beating me, but then I passed you on the run,” etc. My husband asked me what my favorite part of the event is and I said that it’s the end, when everyone keeps saying how much fun they had! When I first did this event with just one other friend, I knew more people needed to get in on it, so I am elated that we continue to grow each year!

Congrats to the men’s winner – Lee Collins, the women’s winner for the 3rd year in a row – Lauren Lindley, the Masters winner – Terry Daniels, and the Youth winner – Marin Underhill!

A sample of some of the great photos that came out of the event.

The start (Photo by Gretchen Eichar)

The bike (Photo by Gretchen Eichar)

The run (photo by Gretchen)

The men’s champion – Lee Collins (photo by Gretchen)

The swim (photo by Gretchen)

Women's champion - Lauren Lindley (photo by Court Brock)

Women’s champion – Lauren Lindley (photo by Court Brock)

The cliff jumps (photo by Court Brock

The cliff jumps (photo by Court Brock

Happy swimmer (photo by Gretchen)

The finish (photo by Officer Underhill)

So without further ado…

1 Lee Collins – 1:04:50
2 Dane Shannon – 1:14:07
3 Terry Daniels – 1:34:39, Masters Winner!
4 Dan Sussman – 1:36:39
5 Adam Muskovitz – 1:40:21, **SWAN DIVE!
6 Scott Mitchell – 1:52:31
7 Andrew Peter Klotz – 2:03:55

1 Lauren Lindley – 1:14:08, 3 time champ!
2 Patricia Sussman – 1:22:36
3 Meghan Kelly – 1:31:25
4 Michelle Kelly – 1:34:25, *on a mtn bike!
5 Raina Blasser – 1:35:08
6 Melanie Shasha – 1:35:40
7 Michelle Sweeney – 1:35:55
8 Rachel Sigman – 1:38:37
9 Erica Harris – 1:39:02
10 Karen Fink – 1:39:05
11 Jessica Star – 1:40:21
12 Debra Scolnick – 1:41:12
13 Mandi Winnicki – 1:42:56
14 Liz Lundholm – 1:43:59
15 Jenn Boyd – 1:44:12
16 Arica Davis – 1:47:37
17 Tara Chitwood – 1:51:58
18 Judy Weber – 1:52:04
19 Madelyn Rios – 1:52:04
20 Sarah Jones – 1:54:30
21 Allison Wall – 1:54:38
22 Sierra Bertolone-Smith – 1:54:38
23 Claudia Bertolone-Smith – 1:54:38
24 Jade Star – 1:56:50
25 Ali Warren – 2:01:25
26 Marin Underhill – 2:01:25, Youngest Competitor
27 Maggie Levi – 2:03:40
28 Lyndsay Bryant – 2:03:40
29 Virginia Evans – 2:04:02
30 Amanda McRae – 2:06:48

To see all the photos from the event, go here.

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