A look back…

Here is an edit of the footage from one of my favorite days this season skiing out at Kirkwood.  We had some fantastic March dumps that brought feet of light snow, but this was one of the first days that the snow was a little thicker and less deep – Classic Sierra Cream (not cement).  It was also the American holiday for anyone that claims to be Irish!

Landings were not so soft, but the snow was super fast – which made skiing even lower angle stuff fun. 

As nerdy as the Go Pro looks, it’s pretty fun to go through the footage and remember some of those days.  I have a chest mount, which is probably apparent because I am a whole body telemark skier and my chest moves a lot sometimes – ok, most of the time.  I’m going to try to set up the helmet mount for the rest of spring backcountry because I think it is better for filming other people.

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