107 days so far…

We had quite the winter in the Sierras which became apparent when I reached 100 days of skiing for the season before the April.  I want to do some sort of season recap helmet cam footage edit, but it may take me a while to get around to that.

Last weekend we missed what seemed to be the kickoff for the Eastern Sierra ski touring season to head to Brooklyn for a dear friend’s wedding.  It was a super fun time and a really good break from mountain life.  We ate way too much delicious food in NYC and saw more people in one block than the population of the region we live in.  We were also able to stop in Baltimore for dinner with family and I met my neice Avery for the first time… she is adorable.  Did I take any pictures of this?  Nope.  Maybe I’ll be able to upload some later with the help of friends and family.  A true sign of having a good time is entirely forgetting to document the moment. 

Here’s to more good times but also remembering to take a few photos!

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  1. jme

    should’ve worn your helmet to balmer!

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