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Woodward Tahoe

In 2010, I met my sister in Colorado for some early season skiing and a SheJumps event at Woodward at Copper. The facility was literally my childhood dream come true. Indoor trampolines, foam pits, a skate park, and ramps with a fake snow surface to send it into foam pits. I asked the director that day if there were any plans to build one in Tahoe, secretly hoping I could convince them to build one in South Lake Tahoe and she casually mentioned a facility in the works at Boreal up on the North Shore. That facility was completed this summer and I immediately thought I should replicate the SheJumps Colorado annual fall Woodward Event. Β I got into touch with an energetic female coach there named Monica who works and attends school full time AND works weekends at Woodward Tahoe. She is truly dedicated to snowboarding and action sports. She was fired up enough about the idea to have a “Ladies Night” every Sunday and SheJumps could bring a crew out for the inaugural ski and snowboard session. So, plans were set for November 11th and about 6 of us showed up for 3 hours of sessioning trampolines, park skis and boards, and just generally getting air in a safe environment. I was hooked. I returned the following Wednesday and purchased a season pass. Then I went back last Sunday and sessioned the jumps for the first time with my friend and Kirkwood freeride teammate Will. And this added a whole new level to Woodward’s awesomeness. I went into the first session pretty much terrified of the “park skis” which are roller skis used to hit the ramps in the new Tahoe facility, but the fear went away after the first drop in and I threw back flips, under flips, and flat spins. I think flat spin is my new favorite trick, though I need a few more days on the ramps to really dial it in. I threw my first one trying to throw a Lincoln Loop, so it was totally by accident. But that’s what is so great about throwing tricks into spongy foam pits, it’s a great way to learn how your body will react to different movements without thrashing it in the process. I can’t wait to go back and hit the biggest ramp. Double backs? More style? The opportunities are endless. If only I were 12 years old and this facility was in South Lake (investors, contact me, I have some ideas). Until then, I’ll visit this indoor paradise once a week, enjoying the fun and progressing as much as possible.

Lizet, fellow SheJumper and Woodward season pass holder with the branny

Rachel overcoming her fear of heights and sending it from the Woodward cliff.

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Fun Times Out There Today

I went out to Carson pass with a crew of splitboarders today. The wind kept us from our planned objective, but did not keep us from having fun!

Windbuff on Elephant’s Back – Photo by Justin Befu

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Winter Stoke Throwback This Saturday!

The Sierra Avalanche Center and SheJumps are teaming up to have a retro ski party that could just be the party of the year! The festivities start at 6pm on November 10th in the parking lot of the American Legion with a giant airbag, “The Funbag,” for patrons to jump into.

The “Funbag” will be there! Huck yourself off scaffolding with a super soft landing!

We’ll also have someone from SAC there to do a short beacon search training and games in the parking lot. At 8pm, the bands and DJ will start inside and the festivities will include dancing, a costume contest, raffles, a ski boot dance off, and a live auction! We’ll also be showing the winning film contest entries from our short film contest. Donations from sponsors including Flylow, Kirkwood, Smokin Snowboards, BCA, Lakeside, Shoreline, Big Truck Hats, Sierra at Tahoe, and more! See you there in your one piece throwback!

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Tahoe’s Split Personality Disorder

November and I have a love-hate relationship. I usually get incredibly antsy about winter in a month where it usually snows enough to make it cold and icy on the mountain bike trials, but not enough to ski. This November weekend changed that relationship. In fact, the options were plentiful and almost equally enticing. The mountain biking was as good as it’s been all year. The temperature mid-day was perfect for climbing or hiking. And I even heard reports of powder skiing above 8000′, easily accessible near Carson Pass. While snow is always hard for me to turn down, I know winter is coming and so I opted to bask in the sunshine and hit the tacky dirt and warm rock. It turned out to be one of my favorite weekends in Tahoe in my least favorite month! I might have to revise those rankings.

Taylor taking in the view near the Van Sickle Trail

Taylor on the Van Sickle decent

Friends on the top of Castle Rock

Taylor at the end of her lead on Castle Rock

Juliana making some moves up Castle Rock – a 5.8 Sport Climb

The author near the top of the climb. Stellar views of Lake Tahoe await.

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Sisters in the Backcountry

When I returned from the coast, it was snowing. My sister still had one more stop on her California tour and that was Tahoe – so we headed out for an easy backcountry tour to Elephants Back off Carson Pass when the storm broke.

Feels so great to be on skis in the mountains

The author ripping a few turns down Elephant’s Back (Photo by Nicole)

Nicole skiing below the Elephant’s Back prow.

Happy after making creamy October turns.

Surfing and skiing in the same week! AWESOME!

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Yes, it’s winter in Tahoe. More wintry than it ever was last year. Even enough snow to make some turns!

Quick session yesterday at Heavenly to work out the kinks before a full on session today at Kirkwood. Bring it!

Here’s a quick video of the turns before my GoPro ran out of batteries.

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Fall Fun in Tahoe!

This weekend was way too much fun! It started off with a killer diving board session on $1 Fridays at the Carson Valley Swim Center. Some pro skiers were there showing us how it is done and it was good to scare myself by throwing gainers all night. My biggest accomplishment was nailing some gainers off the 1 meter board since previously I could only get them around on the 3 meter board. My friend Lauren took a few great photos.

Gainer off the 3m board – by the end of November I’m getting a lay out!

Skier JJ Schiller throwing something I don’t know the name of.

Saturday AM, I was up early to hit up Mr. Toads Wild Ride with friends Canyon and Debbie. I was stoked that they wanted to get out early since I had plans to hang out with my friend Allison later in the day – whose $7,000 bike was stolen from my house last week – but I’ll get to that later. We didn’t see another rider on the trail, but by the time we finished there were at least 15 cars parked at both the bottom and top of the shuttle. The dirt was tacky and perfect from the rain Tahoe received on Friday and I nailed the rock garden line for the first time, which has scared me since I laid eyes on it in 2006. I credit the time I spent running downhill at Northstar with Nils and my newly acquired POC shin pads for giving me the skills and confidence to ride that section.

“Team Adventure” on the way up to Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Great friends and good times!

Then the most incredibly awesome thing happened (besides both Notre Dame and the Detroit Tigers winning) – we received a call that Allison’s bike was found and at the police station!!! YES, somebody from Wattabike saw the bike, called it in, and the South Lake Tahoe Police recovered it! UNBELIEVABLE!

The bike was recovered! The flyers worked! Justice is restored! The best part is the lock the bike thief bought for it, which I’m pointing to.

Yep, Saturday was amazing. Could Sunday top it? Probably not. But I gave it a go anyway…

Three of my friends met me at my house to do a SheJumps Flume Trail ride. With the recent rain, we knew we couldn’t pass up the Chimney Beach Downhill, so we met at Chimney Beach, but no other girls showed up! Without the ability to set a shuttle, we decided to take a chance and do the ride anyway… we’d just figure the shuttle out later. So we started off from Mt. Rose and rode a super fun 18 miles of singletrack with expansive Lake Tahoe and Washoe Valleys as well as peaking aspens, and ripping downhills! I even cleaned a section I’ve been scared of for 3 years since I once endo’d and popped both tires trying it! The weather was perfect and we all had a great time. We even scored a ride when we saw two friendly guys descending Chimney Beach Downhill and asked if we could join their shuttle. I had so much fun riding with the girls… I can’t wait to do it again!

Cleaning a section that I’ve been scared of for a while!

Juliana on the scenic Flume Trail

The whole crew above Lake Tahoe on the Flume

SheJumps in the aspens near Marlette Lake

Oh yeah, and the Tigers and Lions both won! AWESOME weekend once again thanks to my AWESOME friends!

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Fall Showed up this Past Weekend in Tahoe…

I rode my awesome new commuter build around Tahoe putting up flyers for this event!

New take on an old classic – Alaska bike becomes flyering machine!

The fall temperatures were perfect so I headed to Octoberfest at Camp Richardson to meet some friends and then check out the spawning Kokanee Salmon.

Non-native, but awesome, Salmon spawn up Taylor Creek from Lake Tahoe.

Then next day we got a round of golf in at Edgewood. The course was in amazing shape, and the views were spectacular per usual.

The author teeing off on scenic hole 17.

PK with a great shot out of the sand on 17.

I’ll take a few more enjoyable fall weekends and some time to prepare physically for ski season, but Mammoth opens in less than one month! So when October turns to November, let’s hope the snow start flying!


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SheJumps Tahoe 2012/13 Events!

Check out some of our events and if you’re a female, get stoked! Dudes, we still love you and you’re more than welcome to the Vintage Ski Party!!!

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Mt. Tallac by the Full Moon

At 4:30 am, Sunday, September 30th, I met up with my friends Travis and Marissa to hike Mt. Tallac via the full moon. It was reminiscent of ski season, when I often meet friends at 5 am to ski before the work day begins. As we set out on the trail, we rarely needed our headlamps; the light of the moon was enough to illuminate our way.

Moon views on the way up Tallac

We neared the summit just as the sun was rising over the mountains east of Lake Tahoe.

Beautiful view of the lake and Fallen Leaf Lake.

View down one of the classic Tallac winter ski lines

Another great shot from the summit of Tallac. Emerald Bay views.

Full moon adventures always seem to deliver!

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