Kirkwood Sidecountry

Saturday was a glorious bluebird day in the Sierra and so we wanted to get out and ski some BC.  I was interested in skiing some of the lift-assisted “sidecountry” at Kirkwood and I was pumped that my friend Brian was also game to check it out.  After a few runs to warm up the legs, we headed out to Thunder Bowl.

Brian with Thunder Bowl in the background.  Only a few sets of tracks!

The snow was so good in Thunder Bowl that we almost went back, but we opted for a run out in Emigrant Basin instead since Brian had never skied it.  California chutes is a Kirkwood classic sidecountry run and since the snow was feeling good on most aspects, it seemed like a great time to hit it.  The snow was a little more variable than Thunder Bowl and there were a lot more people out there but it was still super fun!  Probably the best snow I’ve skied that thing in!

The prominent chute is Cali Chute as viewed from Vista:

I was nerding it up with my GoPro and backpack on the lift but I got some great footage.


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2 responses to “Kirkwood Sidecountry

  1. asdfasdfasdf

    How do you get out of thunder bowl and get back to the resort?

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