Introducing Scout the Puppy!

We got a new puppy! She’s amazing! Here name is Scout and she’s some sort of Australian Shepherd mix we rescued from a shelter called Dog Town Canine Rescue. If you’re looking for a new pup, you should consider visiting these folks out in Fallon, NV. They have so many dogs and are a no kill shelter. Scout was from a litter that was dumped in a nearby Indian Reservation. She’s sweet, smart, athletic – she loves chasing balls and fetching and already knows how to sit at 8.5 weeks!

Scout makes a run for a ball

PK and Scouty at the lake

As you may have figured, Yzie passed away while I was in Kenya. It was incredibly sad, but, overall, I think he had a great life. I’m pretty sure he sent us Scout, so thanks Yzerman.

I like to imagine Yzie hanging with friends in beautiful places. RIP buddy. I’ll never forget you.

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