Throwing a Kickass Baby Shower

This weekend I threw a baby shower for my friends and they are about as mature as I am so I wanted to make it fun and not cheesy. Since the expecting parents had made a few trips to Italy in the past two years and have an Italian heritage, we made the theme “Italian Cafe.” Food and drinks set!

Italian appetizers. We also had Bellinis and other Italian liquors and of course, wine.

Next up, activities. This shower had 2 parts. A two hour all girls precurser where the expectant mother could open gifts and a few hour coed party afterwards. During the all girls portion, we had a onesie making station and it was a hit!

Ready to craft!

Thank to a bit of internet research, I purchased 15 Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn 4 Pack Organic Onesies. Since they only came in white, I decided to dye them with Jacquard Products Procion Four Color MX Dye Set. That was a bit of an undertaking so if you decide to do that, hit me up for some tips. The colors did turn out amazing, though the purple washed out. Next I bought some super cute Precut Cotton Fabric Squares and Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive. I provided some stencils, a few pencils, scissors, and irons for the party goers to get crafty and the results were amazing. I could get into this!

Mother to be making an amazing onesie with completed onesies in the background!

Onto the coed part – I’ve been to a few showers and many of the games are awkward and uncomfortable for newish adults. I decided to invent my own game called “Pin Sometime on the Ultrasound.” It was pretty funny, but also a bit weird.

A funny, but weird idea! The author posing with the ultrasound.

All in all, the whole affair was pretty fun, especially the gelato bar!


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