Old Friends and Fast Boats

I just returned from a fabulous weekend in the Bay Area where I was able to catch up with old friends and new babies and catch 2 of the America’s Cup races whilst sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

Friday night, “Gourmet Tim” held a backyard BBQ and the food and company was perfect. The next morning, Tim, Max, Jeremy and I set off on a 30 mile bike ride in the Oakland Hills. We even saw Ohio State’s football team’s bus and were able to give them the double thumbs down.

Jeremy rides into the fog at the top of the 1st climb

After the bike ride, we headed to the park and I was finally able to give this beautiful couple their wedding gift, a custom cornhole set! We enjoyed a few rounds and sent the not so newlyweds off with their new backyard entertainment. Also, check out Jake’s new movie, Inequality for All, coming out in two weeks!

The Kornbluths with their new kornhole set. Ket’s best sport is yoga.

New and old friends

The next day, I was off to the city to meet up with Greg and Amanda to watch the America’s Cup from Greg’s sailboat. It was a perfect day on the bay – sunny, relatively light wind, and both races were able to run. USA and New Zealand split 1 to 1 and so USA kept the cup a few more days. Tuesday’s races were cancelled due to high winds and so the deciding races could be today!

Greg and Amanda looking for seals and enjoying a perfect day on the bay.

Team New Zealand showing us why the boats are so fast

Team USA in front of the San Francisco skyline. Say what you want about Larry Ellison, but he did single-handedly make this a spectator sport. GO USA!

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