2nd Annual Angora Lakes Triathlon Results

Woah, that was fun! The Angora Lakes Triathlon was just like I remembered it. Racing with friends up to the lake, swimming across, jumping off a 20′ cliff, and swimming back, and racing back to the beach is a great way to spend a Tahoe summer morning. We tripled our participation this year too! Photos and video to come, but in the meantime, here are the “official” results.

Women’s Division

1. Lauren Lindley – 1:15.45

2. Adrianne Gass – 1:22.40

3. Meghan Kelly – 1:26.55

4. Sveta Yegorova – 1:30.13

5. Judy Weber – 1:52.23

6. Fran Lord – 1:58.39

7. Karen Fink – 2:03.43

8. Rachel Sigman – 2:05.40

9. Jenny Hatch – 2:12.20

9 Raina Patrocinio – 2:12.20

Men’s Division

1. Shawn Butler – 2:00.34

Lauren repeats as the champion. We need to get a trophy! Jenny Hatch wins the new mom division with a 5 month old baby! Oh yeah and a HUGE thanks to our volunteers Gretchen, Will, Pat, and Buddy! Great racing everyone!!!


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2 responses to “2nd Annual Angora Lakes Triathlon Results

  1. Those times don’t include the 2 minute time bonus either. Fran was stoked about that.

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