Five Highlights of our Ridiculously Awesome Grand Canyon Trip

I just got back from 16 amazing days on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with 15 awesome people… 16 days of no computers or phones, being outside constantly, spending 90% of the day in a bikini, sleeping under the stars, theme nights, challenging rapids, beautiful hikes, triple digit weather, funny accents, stunning vistas, and daily swims in both the Colorado and its side creeks. I also tripled my kayaking ability – even if my roll is still suspect.

Whitewater kayaking has been a frustrating sport for me. Unlike skiing, one can’t really practice on their own… so 16 days of kayaking was just what I needed catch the bug again. Plus, the big water of the Canyon was exhilarating and tricky, but low consequence, so a perfect practice venue. In addition to the rapids, there were so many highlights, so I’m choosing just five for now…

Floating down the Little C with my peeps!

Clean run down Hermit Rapid at nearly 20,000 cfs after seeing group before us flip a raft!

This loop hike to Bass Camp and the fabulous lighting

The loop hike to Thunder River and Deer Creek, including the THRONE ROOM!

Hanging out under Beaver Falls on Havasu Creek

So, sign up for the lottery next February and if you have an extra spot, consider me! I am so grateful for the last three weeks and cannot wait to get back there!!!

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