Eclipsing Expectations

I love skiing Mt. Shasta, but I don’t think I completely understood why until this most recent trip. Ashley Magnuson and I had been talking about skiing Shasta for six months. She was planning a west coast road trip, so we settled on the weekend of May 19-20th. When Lynsey Dyer heard about the plan, she informed us that it corresponded with the annular eclipse – and this particular eclipse was incredibly important to the meditation community. Needing some guidance in this realm, we invited her along! Before we knew it, we had 12 people making the pilgrimage to ski Shasta during this momentous occasion (which apparently isn’t as big of a deal as my 30th birthday where 15 people came to ski Shasta).

This was a special trip though. We pushed our limits by attending events way out of our comfort zone. We channeled energy and omed on the mountain. We visited crystal shops. I was 3 weeks off a torn MCL and hiked to and skied from 13,500 feet. Shasta is undoubtedly a special place – whether you believe in the Lemurians, crystals, and the Mayan prophesies or think it’s all ridiculous – I challenge you to go there with an open mind and see if feel an infusion of energy.

Synchro backflips into the frigid McCloud River

Synchro backflips into the frigid McCloud River. Photo by Wizard William

Marchi working the catwalk on Casaval Ridge

Marchi working the catwalk on Casaval Ridge

Ashley laying tracks in the Trinities

Ashley laying tracks in the Trinities

Embrace the place you're in.

Embrace the place you’re in.

Some epic eclipse skiing (Photo by Lynsey Dyer with her Iphone 5 and some version of Instagram that isn’t released to the public because she CANNOT be this talented :))


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2 responses to “Eclipsing Expectations

  1. adventuresinthemountains

    Your blog is great! I thought about making a trip to Mt. Shasta. What do you think is the best time to get out there? Living in Colorado it makes it hard sometimes to leave and experience other amazing places.

  2. Thanks! The best bet for Shasta is June for sure! I just skied it again last Friday (6/1) and it was amazing – the East side trails are a lot less crowded and my preferred approach. Feel free to email me if you need more information, but this site has a lot of great info:

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