Astis Mitten Photo Shoot

Astis makes the most beautiful ski mittens I’ve ever seen. I met co-founder Brad when I was in Colorado last fall and was instantly impressed by his product and the story and passion behind it. Brad called me up a few weeks ago and offered to put me in a pair of mittens, I jumped at the opportunity and have been working with my friend Lauren to get photos for them for a potential write up in Ski Magazine. The snow in Tahoe has been less than ideal, so we had to get creative. I figured airing it out was the best way to make the snow look good. Here are a few of my favorites:

Airing it out in thunder saddle! Best snow of the day!

this one is really cool, we're just going to try to work on the focus

It’s been a super fun project and I’m grateful Lauren thinks she needs practice (because she is clearly already awesome). Check out all of the photos here.

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