Labor Day Weekend on the Rogue River

I tell you what, the Rogue River sure is purty.  Yeah, we pretty much talked like rednecks the entire weekend while rafting/kayaking the Rogue River in Oregon.  It all started with the phrase, “I tell you what!” and just exploded like a whale on the Oregon coast from there.  I’ve actually had a hard time transitioning back to normal speech since and have almost had to counteract this vernacular by speaking like a California Valley Girl.  Anyway, here is what went down:

5 people, 4 boats, group gear for 14 in Walt the truck

Kayak crew!

contemplating options through Rainey Falls

Brad, Nelly, Craig navigating Tater the boat through raft chute

Greg gittin' sum!

Night 1 at camp

Girls cooking night!

jumping off sports illustrated rock

giant dead chinook

cartwheels and roundoffs

Coffee pot (by Greg)

Heath in Blossom Bar near pinned dory (by Greg)

One of the 4 bears we saw.

costume night!

attempting to do the running man while singing and hula hooping!

backflips off rocks the next morning!

pulling out all the stops for the last day

the sentiment at takeout

This video by Greg pretty much sums up the weekend.

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