Mike’s Hard Backcountry Skiing

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for… for the past month! Will I be crowned champion of the “Mike’s Hard Sports” Contest?  Will the sponsorship deal I’ve been talking about come through?  Will I be able to update the Sponsors section of this blog?  Will I be $10k richer (or more accurately have $10k less debt)?  So, if you’re reading this, your votes could make or break this scenario.  Go to Facebook and vote!  If you don’t have a page, sign your dog up… he/she will not mind!  Just for today!  DO IT!  Do it for me, do if for your country, do it for yourself!


And, I’ll definitely buy you a Mike’s (or something better) the next time I see you.

EDIT: So I don’t actually find out today… but Friday, if I made the finals… and it is looking GOOD!  Top 10 all the way at the end of voting.  So apparently the next step is Friday, the finalists are announced and then the Mike’s people take the next few weeks to judge and choose a winner based on:

“humor (how funny a video is), determination (the level of dedication of the athlete(s)), hustle (the amount of effort exhibited by the athlete(s)), originality, and “mike’s spirit®” (how closely the athlete(s) align with Sponsor’s brand values). ”

I think I have a good shot!  What do you guys think?

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