All you need is love

Ketty A and Jakey K got married in Anderson Valley this past weekend.  What a fabulous location for a fabulous couple.  After a frantic rush to finish my work on Friday, I left Tahoe to pick up PK from the Sacramento Airport en route to Philo, CA.  It was a pretty far drive and so we arrived more than fashionably late for the gourmet BBQ that Tim prepared that included a gigantic fresh caught wild king salmon and kegs of local beer.

The next morning Pat went on a tour of the brewery while Tim, Max and I went on a super awesome and recommended 50 mile road bike ride from Anderson Valley out to the coast and back.  We started out from Philo, headed north through farms and vineyards, then west through vineyards and redwoods, north again along the coast and then back east to anderson valley along the Navarro River and through more redwood groves, completeing the loop.  Only 20 cars passed us making it extra awesome.

We met up with everyone at the swimming hole at the wedding spot for some frisbee and cliff jumping shenanigans.  This person was there, who is the identical twin sister of this person, but all I noticed is her impressive muscles.  I should probably start weight training like a firefighter.

Then it was wedding time, which was super awesome, hilarious, fun, and sweet.  Congrats to the happy couple (not sure who took this photo)!

The next morning we tasted some wine at Navarro and started to make the trek back to Tahoe via Sonoma and Napa counties.  Good thing we busted out because on the way home Lauren texted me and said she had VIP passes for Alison Krauss that night in Tahoe!  Extra exciting because Good Old War was opening.  Woo hoo!  Amazing way to cap off the weekend.

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