The Real O.C.

Our friends Scott and Heather are spending the month in Laguna Beach at a beachfront house, so we took them up on the invite and headed down to the O.C. for a long weekend over the 4th of July.  We were excited to get out of Tahoe since it is usually mobbed on the 4th.  We left town after work Friday to make the 9 hr trek to So. Cal.  Some nice scenery on the way down:

We rolled into Laguna around 12:30 pm and although it was dark out, we knew we were going to wake up to ocean views when we turned towards the ocean off the 1.  The next morning we woke up and walked down to the beach to get a neighborhood tour and get the dogs out.  Yzie enjoyed both laying by the ocean and in tidal pools.

After the walk we began our So. Cal daily routine of surfing, eating tacos, and drinking cocktails… sometimes even repeating this multiple times per day.

On the actual Fourth of July, we tried our hand at ocean stand up paddleboarding (really hard), hung out at the beach, and watched the sunset and four sets of fireworks from the rooftop deck.

While the sunset and fireworks were both exciting, we were probably more pumped to find out that we could see Lauren Conrad’s Laguna Beach home from the rooftop deck… thanks to the help of this aptly named website.

After one last surf, beach, and taco session, Juliana and I headed out on the long drive to Tahoe, leaving Pat behind to continue living the life and attending Scott’s Advanced Surf Camp.  Thanks everyone for the good times – I can’t wait to get back out on the surf board!

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