It’s May 9th and Still Snowing

Today I woke up to 6″ of snow in my driveway after 7 days straight of spring weather.  When I arrived at work, I realized the snow that we got on the Nevada side of the Lake was much more than elsewhere in the South Shore – which is really unusual (lake effect?).  I convinced my pal Stu take advantage of the late season snow and plentiful daylight to hike Heavenly after work.  It snowed the whole time we hiked and by the time we dropped in, there was 8″ of fresh fast powder – plenty to make the low angle groomers at Heavenly fun!

It was so good that we went back for another run the next morning!

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  1. KK

    I finally made it over here and boy, you don’t disappoint! And just when I was really starting to think about how ready for summer I am, I read this. Turns out, snow’s not bad, when it’s in the right places. Glad you’re still enjoying it. And when can I come visit?!?!

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