Happy Hour Skiing

When Daylight Savings rolls around we trade dawn patrols for happy hour skiing.  The extra hour of light after work makes it a fun thing to look forward to.  When the first happy hour came on Monday, March 14th, the weather didn’t really feel like cooperating.  At lake level it was pouring rain.  Intrepid, this all girls team was going skiing!  We optimistically voiced “it will be snowing at the pass.”  Well, it was still raining!  HA!  So, we starting hiking anyway thinking that it would at least be snow up top and as soon as we started skinning, the rain turned to snain, then snow!  The ski down wasn’t amazing, but it was much faster snow than we expected.  We had a great time rocking out up top to our favorite artist Rihanna and splitting one Mike’s Hard Limeade…  just to make sure everyone knows we are girls. 

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