Grumps McGrumps, P.G.

The beginning of this week has been a series of disappointments, including being outbid on a house (that we really liked) for the 4th time.  Combined with the lost hour of sleep and the rainy weather, I’ve been pretty grumpy.  When I’m sad, it always helps me to write things down that I am looking forward to, so here they are for everyone to see:

1)      The Irish holiday, St. Patricks Day this Thursday – talked about in a previous post.

2)      Hitting the bag jump at Boreal on Friday!

Finally a chance to get my backflips dialed safely!

3)      Skiing at Sugar Bowl for the 1st time since 2002 on Saturday through Disabled Sports USA Ski for All!

4)      The Legendary Kirkwood Banked Slalom!

5)      Telegrass at Sierra At Tahoe next weekend!

6)      The Twisted Sister Freeride Competition at Kirkwood April 1-2

7)      Heading back east to meet my niece and see one of my best and oldest friends get married while hanging out with my best and oldest friends and family!  And staying at this place in Brooklyn:

8)      So much more, but I don’t want to give too much away!

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