Alpine Meadows Comp…

Going into this comp, I just wanted to ski aggressively and choose hard lines.  On Day 1, I got a little wily after my first air and had to adjust my line and so it wasn’t as hard as I hoped.  I ended up tied for 6th going into Day 2 on the Buttress at Alpine Meadows.

A few of us inspected the venue on Saturday and found it to be quite rocky up top.  I chose an entrance that would definitely require a lot of jump turns and “billygoating” – not really known to be my strength, but it would look cool if I made it through.  Well… on my first turn into the thing, I clipped a rock and went tumbling.  Then my slough came and buried me!  I tumbled over a few rocks, but luckily I was unhurt.  I’m sure it looked scary from below.  I got up as fast as I could and started skiing, but the adrenaline was uncontrollable and I fell a few more times.  AHH!  Nightmare run.  Trying to redeem myself, I took and stomped a 20 foot air at the bottom of the venue.  And skied through the finish line covered in snow.  I have GoPro footage, but snow is covering the lens…so it is not really worthy of watching.

Here is a highlight video of the comp. Look for me at 2:12 with blue jacket and yellow pants:


Well, I learned a lot.

1) I am not a smart competitor in these big mountain comps.  I want to ski something hard and if I crash… oh well.

2) I need to work on telemark jump turns.

3) I can land most airs, but need to work on speed control.

Hopefully I can get all these things dialed by next year.  Thanks to everyone who came out and watched and tried to cheer me up afterwards!

Here is a photo of the final air that my friend Jenay took.


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2 responses to “Alpine Meadows Comp…

  1. Scott Valentine

    There are many benefits to be gained from “hands on learning” experiences, but tumbling over large rock outcrops on my skiis is something that I’d prefer to learn about on youtube from the safety of my home. Since your GoPro footage didn’t turn out I’m only guessing it looked a little bit like this guys:

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