Holiday crowds

Holy holiday crowds in Tahoe batmen and women!  It was a beautiful, cold (by Tahoe standards) day and we wanted to get some more powder – since 4 days in a row is not enough.  We did some car shuttle laps on the pass in the AM and then headed to Kirkwood since the fabled steeps of Thunder Saddle were to open and had not opened since before the California mega-storm that dropped over 8 ft of snow in 4 days.  Oh man, big mistake skiing at a resort on a bluebird holiday weekend in California!  There were so many people that we had to hike a mile in from the road… plus my legs were shot from the previous 4 days.  Still, we managed to get 5 amazing runs in and jump off some stuff. 

It is hard to be annoyed when you get to ski most days with the likes of these characters:

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