Shameless Self Promotion

Here we go!  I’m giving blogging a shot.  I’m hoping to share honest and compelling accounts of my skiing and other adventures.  I recently competed in the Big Mountain Telemark Competition at Grand Targhee in Alta, WY.  It was my rookie comp and I lost my line on my second run.  Despite my lackluster skiing, the overall experience was super fun and the venue was amazing.  I also made some new friends and solidified friendships with my travel companions.  Here are some photos from the comp: 

Additionally, I just picked up a GoPro camera to document some of the great skiing here in Tahoe and throughout N. America!


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3 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Juliana Prosperi-Prior

    Yah! I love it. This is fantastic. As I mentioned earlier, the name “meghankellyteles” has a great “ring” to it. As usual – looking forward to being a part of your adventures in the Sierra – and beyond, supporting your telemark competitions, and continuing to learn and refine extreme sport skills and techniques with you. I hope to share these experiences all the while attempting to speak in a thick authentic Italian Arevaderchi accent. Rock on Silent Night!

  2. Wahoo for writing things down on the internet. Then your family doesn’t feel the need to call you as much. 🙂

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